Pillow Agathe Ash

85 EUR

2 laags-gebreid kusssen met subtiel reliëf in ruitmotief
Extra dik

Materiaal: 100% merino wool
Afmetingen: 40 x60
Gemaakt in België 
Handwas of wassen op KOUD wolprogramma, LAAG toerental 

Gratis verzending

Thick knitted pillow in harlequin structure. A classic 2-layered knit made from 100% lambswool.

With an invisible zip closure at the bottom.

Also available in other size and colours


MATERIAL & washing instructions

100% lambswool

Handwash or wash on COLD woolprogram, low speed

Made in Belgium

FILLING: Pillows come with filling!

The filling is from the best quality, made from goose feathers.

The fillings are made in a small factory in Belgium. Guaranteed that the feathers won't pop out of their fabric. To use for years.